A Radio Controlled John Deere 9560 R

I’ve uploaded a video discussing my plans to convert a SIKU John Deere 9560 R into a radio controlled RC tractor. So far I have the drive motor and a temporary servo for steering which is not working perfectly so I intend to replace it.

I’ve also done the LEDs in the bonnet of the tractor just above the grill, I used 6 3mm super bright white LEDs controlled through a transistor as they would have drawn too much current for the Atmega 328 P output.

I’ve also added some green LEDs inside the bonnet to shine out through the grill but I’m not sure how well that has turned out.

I’m working on the control board for this tractor at the minute, with any luck I’ll have it finished over the next few weeks. I’ll be updating the John Deere 9560 R page on the RC Tractors website when I get a chance so keep an eye out there. If you’ve any questions or ideas please share them at the RC Tractors Forum and don’t forget to like us on Facebook, Twitter or Google + which ever your preference is.

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