1:32 Scale RC Scania R620 finally finished

I’ve finally finished my Scania R620 build, its taken about a year not because it was difficult I just wasn’t able to devote the time I’d have liked to. It’s finished now and the results are great. 
The steering servo was simple because the lorry is based on the SIKU rc model. I just had to connect a servo to the steering bar which runs through the cab of the lorry.
I ordered the motor from the SIKU model because I couldn’t find a suitable motor for the job. It was quite expensive but the results are great. I used a l293d motor controller to control the motor with an arduino pro mini.
The fifth wheel was a tiny little servo hidden in the space designed for the servo in the SIKU rc version.
I also added a small LCD from a keyring in the back of the cab to display images like the led pictures some driver put in their trucks and lorries.
I have added LEDs for indicators, head lights, brake lights, fog lights, flashing beacons and very bright spot lights. You really need to watch the videos to appreciate it.
Communication is done using an XBee as usual and the whole thing is controlled by an arduino pro mini.
If you want any details on the build let me know in the forum and I’ll answer your questions if I can.

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