New Video: RC Massey 8680 Upgrade Part 1 – Cab Arduino and NRF24L01 Module Install

I’m finally getting round to upgrading my models to my new system of using two Arduinos and a radio module in the model. It is the setup that I use in the John Deere 8360RT model which so far is working well. The Masey 8680 previously had one Arduino and an XBee radio module so this is quite a significant change. Along the way I’m going to finish off feature that I didn’t add when first making the model for example lifting arm servos and indicator LEDs. The Massey was the first model I attempted to convert and I mostly tried different drive set ups to get it working and didn’t worry about the LEDs too much. In this video I install the NRF24L01 radio module and the Arduino in the cab.

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