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    RC Tractor GuyRC Tractor Guy

    Welcome to our new forum, this post is to let people introduce themselves and let us know what kind of radio controlled vehicles they are creating.

    I’m an engineering student from Ireland and I’ve set up the RC Tractor Guy YouTube channel about four years ago. I am working on converting lots of vehicles like tractors, excavators, trucks, lorries, loaders and the various trailers and accessories which are useful for hiding batteries.

    I work in 1:32 scale and use hobby electronics like Arduinos to control the models. I use the NRF24L01 radio module to give me radio control since it’s cheap and small.

    I have plenty of projects on the go at once to make sure I always have something different to show you guys each week so progress can be a little slow on individual projects but I’ll get there in the end.

    Bullitt RSBullitt RS

    Hi there

    My name is Ryan, I live in the Netherlands and I’m 28 years old.

    My dad works as a farmer and as a little child I always wnet with him to work. I always loved all that machinery. I didn’t choose the same job as he did but it always has been something between us, a real father and son bonding.

    I like to play and mod a game like Farming Simulator. But I’ve always been fascinated by the world of models and rc models.

    So I decided to give this new hobby a try.

    First of all I want to say I really like your website and all the effort you’ve put in here. Keep up the good work.

    I took your advice and bought a Siku John Deere 9560R as a starter. First I will try to build the standard RC tractor but eventually I hope to add sounds etc.
    And my plan is to buy a Ros Joskin Transspace and build it to fit my JD 9560R.

    As soon as the parts come in I will start my build. I live in the netherlands so a lot of parts are hard to buy here but thank god there is ebay.

    I already have a question about the RC controller. Should I just post this in the RC controller section?

    Thanks very much already. I hope we can learn a lot from each other.

    RC Tractor GuyRC Tractor Guy

    Hi Ryan, welcome to the forum. The John Deere is a good starting model, plenty of space for everything. I know what you mean about the parts, here in Ireland you’d have it hard to find the parts and if you did they’d be ten times the price of ebay easily.

    Yes best to post your questions it the most relevant sections, makes things easier for everyone to follow.

    I’m sure we will learn a lot, sounds like you have some interesting ideas already.


    Hi Hello everyone my name is 張貴勛 Chinese. I come from Taiwan. I like everything remote control model. I am pleased to have this site I learned 2.4G remote control produced in here would like to thank RC Tractor Guy share. Let meIt can easily enter the field. I am currently making a remote control crane wood materials. hope you can give a child play with toys and gifts hanging in the Lunar New Year when the present remote control still in production. refuel

    RC Tractor GuyRC Tractor Guy

    Hi, welcome to the forum. You’re the first person here building a crane as far as I know, hopefully we can help you get it working.


    Hi to all,

    I am happy to be here finally. I am reading the tractor guy website since years now and follow him on youtube. Its very great work what he is doing. Most happy i am about that he is a specialist in arduino s and offering all his know-how to me as a noop. So let me say thank you for that, tractor guy 😉 You are the reason for me buying as much as arduino stuff that i have a little storage where i can grab from. Currently i work on a John Deere 9560 4WD via n20. I am planning to close and open the differential via a relais. Everything is finished and just waits for the implementation of rc. I think it would be good to wait for your new controller PCB and finish everything else like the headlights until. I will put some pictures in the tractor section later.

    But i built something else in my carrier as a modeler from very little flying aircraft to 1:35 4WD trucks and so on.
    I am also racing mini Z s. This is a little less scale but more race and a lot of technics.

    So i hope everything is growing a little, all the best 3220

    RC Tractor GuyRC Tractor Guy

    Welcome to the forum, I’m glad you like the website and videos. I don’t think I’m quite an expert yet but I’m glad to share what I’ve picked up over the last few years.

    Sounds like you have a good build going but what do you mean “close and open the differential via a relais”? Are you using four N20 motors or a differential like you used in your steyer truck?

    Sounds like you have great experience with different types of RC vehicles, I definitely lack knowledge in normal RC vehicle design. I kind of went to RC from the hobby electronics side rather than starting with the models and than learning the electronics.


    the relais story is a little bit wired. I ve a concept already but i did not tested it so far. I am going to use 2 peaces of NAI2W-K to switch the 4 n20 s from serial to parallel alignment. The Power supply for all the motors is a Thor 14 Controller (RC Part) so it should be controlled like a servo. The output line i am going to split in two parts. Each will serve a group of 2 Motors. As you know if you put two motors in a line (serial) they are working like a differential if you put them side by side (parallel) both will turn the same all the time. So this is what i want to switch. First i dreamed of doing it axial but so far i ve learned that it seams to be possible just radial. From the physics it seams to be the same, especially at the 9560R. It also will need one extra relais.And those which i could get so far are switching at around 7 volts so thats also bad. I dont know if this will ever work. At the first attempt i ve letted the diffs open //axial serial – radial parallel from the motordriver to the 4 Motors //. It worked really fine. So if i cant figure it out i will do it the old way again.


    Hi, i am Noel and im from Co.Down in N.Ireland. I have had rc vehicles for quiet a few years and even had a model shop for a couple of years. I custom build rock crawlers and scratch build trucks. Always like to try something new.


    Hello everyone, my name is Giovanni (John in english) and I’m writing from Italy.
    I discovered this site because I was a backer of the custom RC controller.
    I needed the controller mostly because I love the open source, and I needed a controller for everything I want to build.

    I started with the Arduino world almost 6 months ago and last month I ended the first build of my first RC robot, a simple tank.

    I know 6 months are a lot of time, but when you need to wait months for packages to come from japan and maybe you order the wrong piece because you are inexperienced and university takes a lot of time… It’s hard to have spare time 🙂

    RC Tractor GuyRC Tractor Guy

    Welcome to the forum Noel and Giovanni.

    Sounds like you have a lot of experience in conventional RC components Noel, it will be good to see your ideas.

    I can definitely relate to the difficulty to find time Giovanni, the last few weeks have been crazy busy for me!!


    Hii Everyone, I am Kishore.
    I am presently doing mechanical engineering from IIT Guwahati. I particularly want to thank RC Tractor guy for all of this, because there may be many channels in youtube about RC models, but this is the channel where one make affordable RC toys and models. I particularly like to build models from scratch maybe by 3d Printing. Till now I haven’t built anything, but I want to share my workflow for the future built,
    1. Selecting a model
    2. Researching about the model dimensions and scale down it to 32.
    3. CAD modelling (am familiar with Autodesk Fusion360) with emphasis on Gear train and linkage design mainly using Hobby DC motors as power(bcz cheaper in my case), considering the power if more power needed then combining two dc motors and gear reduction.
    4. Circuit&component selection wrt the power calculated in Step 3, this step will be iterative with step 3. and also Arduino code and debugging
    5. Detailed outer body modelling.
    6. 3d printing and assembling
    7. Updating the model with LEDs, sounds, paints and other tweaks.

    Basically this will be a complete construction toy design process from scratch, this will be a huge task. upto now from my experience, I am very much struck at the step 1,2,3. I am very much thankful for RCTractor guy, for the information on steps 3,4,7 and lots of other stuff. I am very much looking for any helping hand at any step particularly for 2,3,4,5. Please if anyone interested, am ready to work together . I am posting a few links which can be helpful
    Thnks again RCTractor Guy, you helped me a lot and built me some confidence.


    Hi Everyone, I am Sébastien, from north-east of France.
    Two years ago, i wanted to build a little farm for my children, beceause my son have a couple of siku and britains tractors. So i went on google to get some ideas how i design it and i landet on you tube on a video from siku korleone. I got surprised bi discovering the rc controlled tractors and machinery. When i was a child i was only playing with my britains farm toys and legos. I was fascinated, i did never imagine to bild this tractors on rc controlled. I desired to bild mi own rc tractors.
    So i searched infos how to do it, and by watching the vids of siku korleone i also found the rc tractor guy.
    I am working in a fine precision mechanic factory in switzerland. So i am able to produce mi self turning parts or so.
    I started by transforming a john deere IR siku control(6920 i thik) in a international 856 2wd, with a reciever from , my second one was the same john deere,original IR by siku control, transformed in a ford tw 35 2wd.
    Then i bought a unimog u 406 from schuco or wise-toys, and i built it in 4wd, with front an back arms, an at this time i am finishing a MB Trac, also in 4wd and with front arms and back arms.
    I have transformed a siku fortura single axel trailer in a internanional ih with servo etc.
    Thank you for your werry nice web site, and sharing your knowlege and experiences. I must certainly take you a lot of time to make videos, plans in such a quality.
    I would be happy if i could also share some things, if it could help some ones.

    RC Tractor GuyRC Tractor Guy

    Welcome to the forum guy’s, sounds like you have some interesting builds and plans to share. I look forward to seeing what you have or will create, always great to see how other approach these builds.

    Avatarnorthern mud mover

    hi there my names kev from northwest England I have been into rc planes cars boats and anything else rc for over 30 years I have 2 siku trucks but I like the excavators the best. I have just completed a 1/32 Volvo ec460b excavator to full rc I am half way through finished a revel 1/32 wheeled loader and have got a bruder 1/16 excavator on the go I will post some pics over weekend I use normal rc gear with a few mods but goin to get into the aurdino system as its lot smaller then normal rc gear better for 1/32 scale I have already learned a good few tips from the site and your videos hope I might be able to help someone with there excavator build as not a lot of info out there unless you speak german which I don’t any other 1/32 rc excavator fans out there get in touch cheers northen mud mover

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