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    HI RC Tractor Guy

    I am wondering if you could give me some assistance / help with setting up RC, i need to setup a transmitter (i already have an old one from a helicopter could this be used ?), and a receiver that will run up to 8 micro geared motors like the ones you use.

    So i was wondering if you have a list of parts that i would need and possibly instructions on how to assemble the kit , i am trying to make the Bruder 5cx backhoe 1/16 scale into an RC vehicle.
    I have started on the drive first but i am totally a newbie with RC so am unsure how to go about getting it to work. I think your excavator builds would be along the lines of what i want they definitely have the amount of motors i require , i am unsure how to get it setup to run this amount of motors.

    Is it possible you have instruction around this , am very happy to make a donation to your site if you had some form of a guide with parts list available ?
    Any help you can offer of advice would really be appreciated.


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