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    Hi guy’s I’ve uploaded new code for the Massey 8680 here: http://rctractorguy.com/rc-tractor-guy-library

    And it works with this controller code: http://rctractorguy.com/basic-arduino-based-rc-controller-library


    hi sir, i have to control the robot car project. Where the rear wheels in the form of a dc motor is controlled with flex sensors and front wheels in the form of a servo motor controlled by the accelerometer sensor. Robot controller with a car connected with nrf24l01. if one of the sensors to control I can. but if it combines both to control I can not. Both sensors transmit data simultaneously . dc motors and servo motors confused receive data so that its movement is chaotic. How should I fix this? can you help me.? Can I send my program to you and you see.? Please. My email: rema_adhe@yahoo.com


    So I finally got myself into organisated to create my first rc tractor and I was going to use a siku Massey Ferguson 8680.
    I have used the same basic design you used (one Arduino in cab for radio, one Arduino in body for drive, steering), and wrote my own code.
    For the drive I was going to use 2 N20 motors and for steering and front and rear hitches I was going to use 3 servos.
    So I wired everything on a breadboard and after a lot of messing around got everything working.
    Then I got out the 8680 and realised things just aren’t going to fit.
    The body chassis is only about the width of one N20 motor never mind 2.
    I could cut a hole in each side of the chassis and have the motor sticking out a bit, the rear wheels would be out a bit but it could be ok, but then I realised the screw that holds the back end of the tractor together and the slot for the rear hitch are in the position I would be putting the drive motors.
    I am also concerned about the servos for steering and the hitches, I thought I had gotten small servos but looking at them now, they seem kind of big to fit inside the body. I am guessing the servo for the steering would fit under the bonnet if I cut away part of the plastic engine?, is there enough room for a second servo for the front hitch there, if not I can live without a working front hitch but I would like to have the rear hitch working.
    So basically I am looking for a bit of advice on how to fit the components inside the tractor, when I have created stuff with arduinos before it wasn’t in such a confined space (model farms) so this is new to me.


Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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