Where to get batteries and which batteries to use?

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    Not sure if this is the right topic as I have a question and this seems more of an Tips and Tricks area. So please move if it doesn’t fit.

    I am looking for a good source for Lipo batteries. There are a lot on ebay but it is hard to find the ones i need. In fact, i didn’t find any. I bought the big 650mAh Quadcopter ones with the 5 in 1 USB charger, 8 Batteries for under 5€ including shipping.. The price is great, but obviously they are too big to fit in most tractors.

    So i am looking for something like the Siku batteries in size and mAh as well. There seem to be lots of 200 and 240mAh batteries around with about the same dimensions, but i did not find any with 350mAh that are not terribly expensive or way bigger than the Siku ones. I think 240mAh is just too low.

    Also, there is another problem. My D16006 has two motors, so a lot of current consumption. Also, with the SG90 servo it already takes over 60mA in idle. And there is another issue.. The SG90 servo doesn’t have any power below 5V, so technically i need 2 batteries. Also the AMS1117 i use for 3.3v regulation technically requires at least 4.1-4.2v to deliver a steady 3.3v output..

    How you you solve that batterie issue? Using two in series needs lots of room.. Also to equalize the charge before connecting each time seems a bit much work. Otherwise i would need a balance charger..

    Any ideas?


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