RC Ford 7810

RC Ford 7810I bought the Ford 7810 fairly early in my model conversion career and it is quite an ambitious build to do due to it’s size. I’m going to have to use very small motors to driver this model, it may be a single wheel being driven and a very small steering servo. That means that there will be very little pulling power from the RC Ford 7810. Since there may be very little power it might be a good idea to pick a permenant attachment and house the electronics in that. A mower might be a good option as you could have the mower fold out for added effect.

The reason I chose the 7810 is because it is more like the tractors I would have seen on the roads growing up in rural Ireland.

It was the first Universal Hobbies model I bought and I soon realised they are challenging to work with. They are very detailed however it is quite difficult to take them apart and the parts are more delicate than the Siku or Britains models.