RC John Deere 7R

The Siku Control 32 John Deere 7R model (No. 6777) was released in 2014 costing around €200 including a controller and came with a loader on the front of the model which is fully controllable. The model is controlled using a 2.4 GHz radio system which has become the norm on Siku control 32 models and seems to be very reliable.

The lights on the model are low power LEDs as is normal with the Siku control 32 models as they obviously want to extend the battery life of the model and having super bright LEDs would drain the battery quickly. The model has head lights, brake lights, individually controllable indicators and flashing beacons on the roof.

The steering servo and drive motor have proportional control as is the case with all Siku control 32 models. There are three more servos in the model, one for the rear coupling and two for the loader. Siku states on their site that all motors and servos have a servo saver built in to protect them from over loading. This servo saver mechanism in the drive motor can be seen in this video about one of the siku drive motors, this feature may mean that there is a limit to the load the tractor can pull. If you hear a clicking from your tractor when you try to pull a load stop because the load is too heavy and repeated use of this servo saving feature will most likely cause it to wear and reduce the towing capacity of the model further.

Choosing a model with a loader is a great addition as you can load sugar with a bucket attachment or load pallets with a pallet fork attachment.