Kane Beaver Tail Low Loader

The Britain’s Kane trailer is definitely a model for RC conversion, nearly every one wants an RC Excavator so it only makes sense that you’re going to need a low loader. Two years ago when I bought the Hitachi Zaxis 210 I wanted a low loader but there wasn’t a huge choice on the market. I ended up with a very nice Dangerville low loader which was pretty expensive but I never converted it for use with an RC tractor because I didn’t want to ruin it. The Britain’s trailer is cheap enough that you wont worry about damaging it because you can easily get anther for spare parts if you need it, ideal for our purposes.

Cost Breakdown

Britain’s Kane Low Loader1€20.00
Tower Pro SG90 Servo1€2.52
3.7 V 2200 mAh LiPo1€10.50


Beaver Tail Servo

The only moving part on this trailer is the beaver tail and it only moves a small distance which makes it ideal for a servo. The small actuation required means that we can use a very short servo arm which gives us more force. This means that with a cheap servo we are able to lift the John Deere 8360RT model with the servo.

I mounted the servo in a hollow area between the two rear axles which was the exact width of the servo without its mounting arms. I cut one mounting arm off the servo and milled part of the trailer away so that the other arm fit tightly in the hole. This meant that when the wheels were screwed back on the servo was tightly fixed in place.

I used part of a large paper clip to make a push rod which I placed in a plastic tube mounted to the trailer to stop the rod from bending under pressure. This allowed the servo to transfer enough power to the beaver tail to lift the tractor.


An Arduino Pro Mini controls the servo on this model and will ultimately control the LED lights. There isn’t much space at the rear of the model for LED so I decided to add them along the side of the model instead. The trailer is so wide that I was able to easily add a 2200 mAh battery under the model, that will be needed as pulling the heavy trailer with a load wont be easy.

Kane Low Loader Circuit Diagram

Kane Low Loader YouTube Playlist

The build of the Kane Low Loader has been covered on the RC Tractor Guy channel since it was started. If you want to view the videos related to the Kane Low Loader, follow the link below to visit the playlist on the RC Tractor Guy YouTube channel.

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Kane Low Loader Code

The Kane Low Loader code can be found in the RC Tractor Guy Arduino library.

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