RC Tractor Builds

The first model I tried to convert to radio control back in 2011 was a Siku Massey 8680 model which I chose because it was the only detailed tractor model in the Toy shop closest to the house I was staying in. While it was successful, it was also quite difficult and I learned a lot from these early attempts. This section will list all my RC Tractor builds in order of when I started building them. All the info I have available or remember to upload will be there so that you can learn from my mistakes.

RC Massey 8680

You will find all the info about my first build which I started in 2011 and have only got working acceptably in 2015.


RC Fendt 936

The local toy shop improved their stock by adding a Fendt 936 to the shelves which I soon purchased. At the time I was frustrated with the Massey build problems and taught a fresh start would help and it did.

RC John Deere 9560R

The John Deere 9560R is the model I advise everyone to start with, as soon as I took it out of the box I was amazed by how much more space there was in this model compared to the Massey and Fendt.

RC John Deere 8360RT

The John Deere 8360RT was a gift and proved quite a challenge to convert to RC but it has turned out to be the most powerful tractor in my fleet.


RC Ford 7810

All the models I had purchased up to this point were rather large vehicles that you are unlikely to see in the area I come from so I decided I’d buy a Ford 7810 which is more believable. It is much smaller than the other models which means it’s more difficult to convert.

RC Ford TW35

After watching the Grassmen video Two Legends and a Donkey I had to have an RC Ford TW35. If it’s not blue it wont do!! Pity I can’t add the iconic plume of black smoke.

RC Claas Xerion 5000 (4x4)

After receiving a 1:24 scale RC car with full 4 wheel drive system in the mailbag I decided to buy a Claas Xerion 5000 and try to squeeze the 4×4 drive train into the tractor.

Siku Control 32 John Deere 6920S Mod

One of two second hand Siku Control 32 tractors I bought with the intention of swapping the Siku electronics for my own Arduino based system. This small model was the trickier conversion.

Siku Control 32 Fendt 930 Mod

A second hand Siku Control 32 model which I decided to convert to use my RC system. I taught a control 32 model would be an easy conversion as the mechanics was already finished.

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