RC Models

If you aren’t looking to build your own models or just looking to easily expand your collection, there are quite a few radio controlled vehicles available off the shelf. The Siku Control 32 series is very good and I highly recommend the Orlandoo kits which allow you to assemble your own top quality 4WD RC jeeps.

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RC Vehicles

Siku Control 32 Models

The Siku Control 32 range are the best off the shelf RC tractors you can get.

RC Excavators

There is a fair few RC diggers available but not much in 1:32 scale. Kyosho from the Japan make some nice RC excavators.

Orlandoo RC Vehicle Kits

The Orlandoo RC 4WD vehicle kits are great if you enjoy kit building and the final vehicle is one of the best RC models I've ever seen.

1:32 Scale RC Models

There are a lot of different 1:32 scale RC vehicles to choose from just be prepared to go past page 1 to find the more interesting models.

Diecast Models

Diecast Siku Models

Siku make a good range of static diecast models which are quite affordable but still have good quality.

Diecast Britians Models

Another affordable brand of diecast model. The detail is not as good as Siku and they are much harder to convert to RC.

Diecast Wiking Models

These are probably among the best quality 1:32 scale models you can get. They are the high version of the Siku brand.

1:32 Static Diecast Models

You can get pretty much any vehicle in 1:32 scale from cars to trucks to busses, what will you convert to RC?