Siku Control 32 Motors

There are a number of different types of Siku control 32 models and as a result many different types of drive motors. There appear to be two types of Siku Control 32  motors used in the tractors, a clear plastic gearbox and a white plastic gearbox. The clear plastic motor/gearbox is used in John Deere 6920 (SIKU number: 6751) and the Fendt 930 (SIKU number: 6880). The white plastic motor/gearbox comes in the Class Axion 850 (SIKU number: 6758) or the Fendt 939 (SIKU number: 6880).

Control 32 Fendt 930 Motor


Operating Voltage: 3 V

No Load Current: 62 mA

Revolutions per Minute: 72


The motor used is model FVN20-F manufactured by Standard Motor which means it is a 3.6 volt motor with a stall current of 0.64 A. Brass gears are used in the gearbox. This motor has a 3 mm diameter axle with a M3 hex nut fixed on each side of the axle. The M3 nut matches a socket in the plastic SIKU control 32 wheel. The M3 nuts are separated by 37.8 mm.

Siku Control 32 Fendt 930 Motor Dimensions

Control 32 John Deere 8345R


Operating Voltage: 3 V

No Load Current: 40 mA

Revolutions per Minute: 78


The motor also used a model FVN20-F manufactured by Standard Motor so 3.6 volt motor with a stall current of 0.64 A. The axle of this motor is 3 mm in diameter with 18 mm of the axle keyed on each end and 4 mm on each end threaded to M3. The plastic wheel hub has a hex socket to take an M3 nut which it not threaded but instead has a hole which mates to the keyed shaft. The wheel is held in place with an internally threaded bolt.

Siku Control 32 John Deere 8345R Motor Dimensions

Motor Teardown