Dioramas & Scenery

When you have built some radio controlled vehicle you are probably going to want to move to the next level and build some scenery so that you can really test your driving skills. You’ll probably want to build some roads, fields and yards so that you can really test out your vehicles on different surfaces. If you have construction vehicles or tractors with a loader you’ll want some soil or gravel to dig into.

Roads can be a little tricky because the RC models usually can’t turn as well as the real machines so you need wider corners. The best thing to do is draw out your plan on the ground or one the wood you are going to use and see if the machinery can drive around your design. Don’t forget to test with any long trailers like low loaders because it will be harder to corner with those.

Basic Diorama Features

This section will describe how I added some of the basic features to my scenery like roads, soil and hedges.

Diorama Automation

This section will describe more complex additions to a diorama like adding lights or barriers that automatically rise when a vehicle approaches.

The RC Tractor Guys Scenery

I have built a simple diorama to test out my models, this section you contains pictures of my scenery to show you what I decided would best suit the models I’ve created.