Tractors & Attachments

This section contains all the information about how I built my Radio Controlled Tractors, Trailers and Attachments. Electronics are getting smaller and cheaper every year which is making it possible for us, with a bit of effort, to make our own RC vehicles at the same cost or cheaper than the commercially available models. More importantly, you don’t need an engineering degree to understand the electronics any more, the knowledge you need is just a google search away.Hopefully you’ll find all the info you need to figure out how to build your own RC farm and construction vehicles.

Building your own radio controlled vehicles is pretty difficult but you don’t need to build your own RC tractors, there are a few commercially available RC Tractors to choose from. The Siku control 32 range are the most popular option as they have the best detail and functionality. However the Control 32 range is limited due to the design costs required to make a radio controlled vehicle so you may not find the model you want.

If you just need to build an accessory or trailer for you Siku Control 32 models then all you need to do is follow the instructions on how I built mine. Then at the end add a radio module and use the Basic Arduino Radio Controller to control it.