Radio Controllers

The controller can be simple or very very complicated based on what you intend to use it to control. To control a simple radio controlled tractor with just forward, reverse and steering you only need two single axis joysticks which is a very common RC controller configuration for RC cars. If you want to control an RC excavator with lights, you need a switch for the lights, two single axis joysticks for the tracks and then two dual axis joysticks for the boom control. That is not a standard configuration and to buy one would more than likely cost a small fortune so you will probably want to make your own. There are five possible ways to build your RC controller.

  1. Use an RC controller from an old RC vehicle as a base for your controller
  2. Use Arduino shields to make a basic controller
  3. Build it from scratch with as many controls and displays as you like
  4. Use a serial app on a Tablet or Smart Phone
  5. Convert an old playstation or Xbox controller