Construction Equipment

Converting construction equipment for radio control has a number of advantages over converting RC tractors. The most obvious advantage is that construction equipment is usually much larger than a tractor which give you more space to hide electronics and batteries. Another advantage is that they usually have some interesting additional feature like digging buckets which make them a more enjoyable model to operate. There is also a negative side to that though which is the additional features can be difficult to implement successfully for example the boom on a diecast excavator is very heavy and as a result very difficult to raise. Also tracks can be difficult to drive also as not all models come with a gear which mates to the track. Then when you do get the model built, you need a fairly complex controller to control it.

Don’t let that put you off though because when you do get your construction equipment working and you start loading that first trailer of gravel you’ll instantly forget any heart ache you went through to get there.

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