Siku Control 32

Siku is a range of scale model vehicles produced by a German company called the Sieper company. The Sieper company produces a wide array of vehicular models in a wide range of scales including the 1:32 farm models which I regularly use in my conversions. They also owns Wiking-Modellbau which produces the highly detailed Wiking 1:32 scale farm models.

The Siku Farmer Series of 1:32 scale farm related models was introduced in 1983 and the Farmer Classic series of vintage models was introduced in 2002. The Siku Control 32 model are a range of radio controlled 1:32 scale models, mostly tractors but with a few lorry models also. In 2004 the first Siku Control 32 vehicle was released, a Infra-red controlled Fendt 930 Siku number 6754 and they have continued to gain popularity ever since.

Siku Control 32 Models in Action

To get an example of the Siku Control 32 series, here is the Moneydarragh Farm and Agri Contractors in action.

MAN Lorry (No. 6721)

Scania R620 (No. 6725)

John Deere 6920 (No. 6751)

Fendt 930 (No. 6752)

Lanz Bulldog (No. 6756)

John Deere 8430T (No. 6761)

John Deere 7R (No. 6777)

Fendt 939 (No. 6880)

John Deere 8345R (No. 6881)

Claas Axion 850 (No. 6882)

Radio Controlled Siku Control 32 Claas Axion

Siku Control 32 Spare Parts

Spare parts for Control 32 models are pretty hard to find particularly for discontinued models. If you have a damaged model you can try contacting the Siku factory through the contact form on their site. If you are trying to find parts to build your own models you’ll have to look elsewhere, you’re basically looking for Siku control 32 breakers yard where the site owner has dismantled models probably looking for parts themselves and they are selling the rest.

If you are looking for the drive motors I have bought some from the Modellbau Schulte website and other viewers have suggested as a good site. If you need to know the control 32 drive motor dimensions I have a page with those details here.