Scania R620

The model used for this conversion was a Siku no. 3295, a diecast model of a Scania R620 Topline articulated lorry. I chose this model simply because I wanted to do a artic lorry conversion and the SIKU Scania models have exceptional detail including the Scania griffen emblazened along the cab. It wasn’t a difficult choice given that most alternative are plastic and don’t have functional steering.

After taking the lorry apart for the first time, it quickly became clear that the static Siku model shares a lot if not all components with the Siku Control 32 Scania. The steering arm goes through a plastic component which is shaped like the body of a servo yet serves no purpose other than to guide the steering arm. Clearly the steering servo for the Control 32 version fits into the space occupied by this plastic dud. Another useful feature is that the lights on this model have holes for various LEDs which cuts down on possible drilling mistakes and makes the build much simpler.

Don’t think this conversion is a walk in the park though, if you want all the LEDs of a real artic lorry you’re going to have to run a lot of wires.