3D Printed Clevis Hitch

The clevis hitch is one of the first 3D printed parts I tried to create when I got my first 3D printer. I first made a version using my GEEETech i3 printer but the FDM printing method didn’t really give the detail that I’d like. Despite the shortcomings I didn’t use those early versions for years without any problems.   

The Problem it Solves

The reason for creating this part is simple, the model I convert to radio control were never meant to move and as a result they don’t turn well with a trailer. The problem is that the diecast lifting arms don’t move and so the draw bar on your trailer hits the arms thus limiting the turning circle. This is a problem when trying to manoeuvre a trailer in reverse.

You can see from this image how the standard link arms limit the turning angle with the trailer.

With the clevis hitch attachment there is no problem. you can turn until the trailer hits the rear tires.


3d Print Series Playlist on YouTube

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