RC Ford County 1884

The RC Ford County 1884 is a combination of multiple models and some 3D printed parts. The cab, bonnet, wheels and lifting arms come from a Britains Ford TW30 model (Brtains Number 42841). I chose the Ford TW 30 model because the real County 1884 designed in 1980 was based on the Ford TW 30. The RC County 1884 is a four wheel drive model which uses the drive train from a 1:35 scale Orlandoo Hunter RC jeep. The rest of the parts holding it together are all 3D printed.RC Ford County 1884

Cost Breakdown

Final Design Costs

These are the costs of the components used in the final design.

Britains Ford TW 301€50.00Britains No. 42841
Orlandoo Hunter1€70.00Some parts left over
Siku New Holland Wheels2€26.00
RC Tractor Guy Vehicle Control Board1€15.00RCTG0001 – V4
Small Dual Motor Driver Board1€8.00RCTG0002 – V4
LEDs, Switch, Transistors and Resistors€1.00Bought in large quantities


Main Components

Orlandoo Hunter DIY Kit

I took the four wheel drive system from this great little DIY RC car kit.

Brtains Ford TW 30 Model

This is the model I took the cab and bonnet from.

Britains Ford TW 30

Britains Ford TW 30

The icon shape of the county 1884 comes from the Ford TW 30. The easiest model i had access to was Britains 42841 which is an 80s era Ford TW 30. The model itself is quite detailed for the price however the body of the model didn’t contain much free space so a 3D printed alternative was required.

The wheels also didn’t suit the County 1884 however I may reuse them on my Ford TW 35 model at some stage. I instead used the front tyres from a Siku New Holland T8.390 as i taught they suited it perfectly.

4 Wheel Drive System

Orlandoo ChasisThe drive train for this RC model is taken directly from a 1:35 scale Orlandoo RC vehicle. These are great little models which use an N20 motor to drive a transfer box which sends power to the front and rear wheels. The axles do not have differentials so the tractor drives like it has locked diffs but it turns okay because the front wheels are driven.

If you want to learn more about the orlandoo hunter donor vehicle then check out the YouTube playlist here.

RC Ford County 1884 Circuit Diagram

Here is the schematic for my County 1884 in pdf form. This model uses an RC Tractor Guy control PCB which has an NRF24L01 radio module for the wireless link and a TB6612FNG motor driver.

Click here to view the RC Ford County 1884 Schematic

RC Ford County 1884 YouTube Playlist

The RC County 1884 build is interesting because of the added complexity of the four wheel drive system. You can follow the build on the RC Tractor Guy channel and watch a few videos of the County 1884 in action. If you want to view the videos related to the RC Ford County 1884, follow the link below to visit the playlist on the RC Tractor Guy YouTube channel.

Click here to view RC Ford County 1884 Playlist

RC Ford County 1884 Code

The Ford County 1884 code can be found in the RC Tractor Guy Arduino library.

Click here to view the RC Tractor Guy Arduino Library