RC John Deere 8360RT

tractors and accessoriesThis is one of the most difficult vehicles I have tried to convert to RC as this one requires you to squeeze two motors and gearboxes side by side in the vehicle. You might think this is simple as SIKU have done a Radio Controlled John Deere 8430T tracked tractor but take a good look at that model and you will see that they have built the chassis to house two large motors. You will notice that the wheels are pressed right up along the body of the tractor and the floor of the cab is raised to allow the battery to fit in above the tractor body. Unfortunately we do not have the luxury of designing our own chassis so we need to find motors that will fit which is not an easy task.

The JD 8360RT was the fourth tractor I attempted to build and while it took a long time to get the drive motors perfected, it is probably my most successful build. This tractor will pull ridiculous loads up ridiculous inclines, a brilliant conversion.