RC John Deere 9560R

This is definitely the tractor model I would advise you to buy for your first RC tractor build. The SIKU John Deere 9560R (model number 3276) is by far the simplest RC tractor conversion I’ve built. The large body makes it extremely easy to find room for electronics, motors and servos.

I’m used one Arduino pro minis in this model instead of two like I used in the other models. The single Arduino in the main body of the tractor and controls the steering, drive motor, lifting arms and the LEDs on the body of the vehicle. It also controls the LEDs on the cab and looks after communications using an NRF24L01 radio module located alongside the Arduino under the bonnet. It is important to use a 3.3 V Arduino as the NRF24 module is 3.3 volt sensitive so using a 5 V Arduino would most likely damage it.

Cost Breakdown

SIKU 1:32 Scale John Deere 9560R€30.00
Tamiya 70189 Mini Motor Gearbox€12.00
Hobby King HK15148B Servo€3.25
Arduino Pro Mini€6.50
NRF24L01 Radio Module€1.48
LEDs, Resistors, Transistors€5.00
TB6612FNG Motor Driver€3.79
Total Spend€68.52


3.3 volt 8 MHz Arduino Pro Mini

I use a single 3.3 volt Arduino pro mini modules in this tractor as this can communicate directly with the 3.3V NRF24 radio modules.

4 Speed Tamiya 70189 Motor Gearbox

I'm using this motor in a John Deere 9560R. The motor easily has enough power to break the gears if the wheels get jammed so best suited to large slow models on flat surfaces e.g. big machine ploughing a field.

MG90S Metal Gear Servo

This is a strong metal gear servo. I haven't tried it yet but I think it will work well as a steering servo for another JD9560R model I'm making. I used a Hobby King HK15148B servo in this build.

Standard NRF24L01 Radio Module

I use NRF24L01 modules in my models as they are very cheap and there are many Arduino examples. Supply voltage is 3.3 volts MAX.

TB6612FNG Dual Motor Driver

The TB6612FNG dual motor driver is perfect for use in small RC vehicles due to it's compact size, low voltage drop and the 1A max current.


The steering on this model is very simplistic, I have used one HK15148B servo mounted in the main section of the body with a con-rod running to the back to give achieve the steering. The con-rod doesn’t impede the rotation of the universal joint between the front and rear sections allowing the tractor body to bend over obstacles.

RC John Deere 9560 R Steering Servo

Drive Motor

I’ve used a Tamiya 70189 mini motor gearbox in the front this model making it front wheel drive only. I chose this motor because of the ability to change the gear ratio if I wanted to. I have yet to test the model under any real load so I can’t say how reliable the motor will prove to be but early testing seemed pretty good.

RC John Deere 9560 R Motor

All wheel drive was not possible with the Tamiya motor gearbox as it is too big for the rear section of the model however there are conversions on youtube which have used two SIKU control 32 motor gear boxes to give all wheel drive. If you go this route you still only need one TB6612FNG motor driver as they are a dual channel driver.


The head lights are 3mm super bright white LEDs. I took the clear plastic grill out of the bonnet and drilled out the fake lights to accommodate these LEDs and also included some current limiting resistors here as there is a lot of space.

The Cab has some large 5mm straw hat LED to imitate the tractors working lights. I mounted a beacon LED on the cab as well but I wired it backwards in the end and didn’t have the patience to dismantle the model again just to fix that minor addition.

At the rear the indicators and brake lights are on the warning markings which stick out above the wheels. In the front the indicators and some extra work lights are on the warning marking which stick out in front of the wheels.

I also added some green LEDs behind the radiator grill at the front of the model simply because I had them to spare.

RC John Deere 9560 R Green LEDsRC John Deere 9560 R Headlight LEDs

RC John Deere 9560R Circuit Diagram

Here is the schematic for my John Deere 9560R in pdf form. This model uses a single 3.3V Arduino Pro Mini, a TB6612FNG motor driver, an NRF24L01 radio module, a Tamiya 70189 drive motor and normal hobby servos for steering and the lifting arms.

Click here to view the RC John Deere 9560R Schematic

John Deere 9560R YouTube Platlist

There are many videos following the building of the John Deere 9560R on the RC Tractor Guy channel and a few videos of the Massey in action. If you want to view the videos related to the RC John Deere 9560R, follow the link below to visit the playlist on the RC Tractor Guy YouTube channel.

Click here to view RC John Deere 9560R Playlist

RC Tractor Guy on YouTube

John Deere 9560R Code

The RC John Deere 9560R code can be found in the RC Tractor Guy Arduino library.

Click here to view the RC Tractor Guy Arduino Library