RC John Deere 9560R

This is definitely the tractor model I would advise you to buy for your first RC tractor build. The SIKU John Deere 9560R (model number 3276) is by far the simplest RC tractor conversion I’ve built. The large body makes it extremely easy to find room for electronics, motors and servos.

I’m used one Arduino pro minis in this model instead of two like I used in the other models. The single Arduino in the main body of the tractor and controls the steering, drive motor, lifting arms and the LEDs on the body of the vehicle. It also controls the LEDs on the cab and looks after communications using an NRF24L01 radio module located alongside the Arduino under the bonnet. It is important to use a 3.3 V Arduino as the NRF24 module is 3.3 volt sensitive so using a 5 V Arduino would most likely damage it.