RC John Deere 8430T

The Siku control 32 John Deere 8430T is a nice model with powerful drive motors, wide tracks and a controllable rear coupling. This model uses the tried and tested 2.4 GHz radio system of most Siku control 32 models and the same controller as the other 2.4 GHz models.

There are LED head lights, tail lights and indicators on the model but as usual they aren’t very bright, you could probably upgrade them yourself without much difficulty but your battery life will be decreased with brighter LEDs.

There was a recall on this model at one point because the batteries were overheating meaning there was a risk of fire. If anyone has more info on that let me know and I’ll update this page.

This is an example of a model which is very difficult to do as a home build. If you look at this model closely you will see that siku molded the chassis with a large box between the rear wheels to house the large drive motors and possibly also widened the model slightly to accommodate the motors. There is nothing wrong with this of course, all siku control 32 models have a sacrifice here or there to accommodate the electronics. A common example is a raised floor and seat in the cab to accommodate the battery. I’m pointing this out because if you buy a static model to convert, it wont have this large space so be warned tracked tractors are a little trickier to convert.

This promotional video from Siku should give you a good idea of the models capabilities.