RC Tractor Guy YouTube Channel

I have been documenting my RC conversions on the RC Tractor Guy YouTube channel since 2011 and it is the place to find the most up to date info on my builds.

I cover a wide variety of builds like RC Tractors, RC Excavators, RC Trucks and various trailers and implements in which I hide batteries. Visit the channel to view all the builds, each of which has it’s own playlist associated with it so you can watch the videos in order.

I upload an RC conversion video every Thursday and I try to do an update on a different model  each week so that there is something new each week. That also gives me time to order parts in between updates on particular builds or give me time to solve more difficult problems.

I occasionally upload other video on Mondays and these are usually electronics related videos or they might be a mailbag video where someone has sent an item in for review or just to support the channel. If you have something you want to send in you can contact me here to discuss it.