Arduino rc contoller and receiver

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    I am from germany my english is not so good.
    Thank for your help by the regristration.

    I have the Arduino base controller and ther NRF24L01 radio module, what for receiver and arduino must i have to control a modelcar.
    I begin until an Arduino with NRF24L01 radio modules to program.

    -I have arduino uno and yoistickshield and NRF24L01 radio modules.
    -A arduino nano
    -A arduino micro profi
    -Mini Micro Servo SG90
    -A Tamiya Motor
    -TB6612FNG Dual DC Stepper Motor Drive Controller Board Module Replace L298N
    -L293D Motor Drive Expansion Shield For Arduino

    What sketch I need at the start and where Arduino for RECEIVER.
    I hope you can me help.
    I have not found any instructions in German

    Greetings from Germany

    RC Tractor GuyRC Tractor Guy


    This thread has code for the transmitter and the receiver used in a crane. It controls three motors, if you want to control a servo instead of a motor then add a servo in the normal way and use buf[1] as the servo value.

    I am working on new code for the tractors and trucks at the minute which should have many improvements, I’ll be uploading that as a library next month when I finish it. This will help you and also contain many examples.


    Thank you for your quick response. the crane code I’m going to watch me.
    What I miss are on your side is, electronic circuit diagrams would illustrate many.

    I use the translation “Google Translate”, I hope you can understand the translation.
    Greeting Guido

    RC Tractor GuyRC Tractor Guy
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