Question: Use a Siku Control 32 controller for a custom build?

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    Bullitt RSBullitt RS

    When all the parts arive I’ll be building the John Deere 9560R as described by RC Tractor Guy on this site. It is my first build so I’m new to this.

    I’m still looking for a controller.

    I was wondering if it would be possible to use the Siku Control 32 as a controller?

    RC Tractor GuyRC Tractor Guy

    If you mean the IR controller the answer is possibly but if you mean the 2.4 GHz controller then I don’t think so. I plan to try to figure out what IR information is being sent by the siku controller so that I can include that in my own controller i.e. control my Siku Control 32 infrared tractor from my own controller so that I don’t need to use two controllers.

    If you use a Siku controller you are limited to the buttons they chose, if you make your own you can have any buttons, joysticks, lcds or anything like. On the other hand the siku controller is in a nice case which feels comfortable in your hands which is tricky to get right with a custom build. You could remove the electronics from any RC controller and replace with your own but I doubt you want to do that to your control 32 controller.

    I just finished designing my own controller and plan to run a kickstarter in a few months. My controller has a NRF24L01 socket, an XBee socket, IR leds, two xbox joysticks, two encoders, loads of push buttons and a 2.4 inch touch screen LCD. If you keep an eye on my channel you’ll see me assembling and testing the prototype in a few weeks. It’s something you might consider as an option but it would be months away before you got it as it would take time to run the kickstarter and then get everything sent out.

    By the way I have been assuming you know about this very basic controller It’s very useful for testing if you don’t have a controller already but its limited controls can make it a bit awkward.

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