New Video: Arduino and NRF24L01 Radio Module Beginner Tutorial

In this video I talk you through getting started creating radio control using NRF24L01 radio modules and some Arduinos. This is intended as a sort of stepping stone or a taster of how it is done. Once I have the full tractor code working properly I’ll be posting that too, it’s much longer so understanding this tutorial first should help later. The Blog post with circuit diagram and parts list is here:

The Arduino Code is available here:

Here are the parts used available on ebay

  • 3.3 Volt Arduino: 
  • NRF24L01 Radio Module: 
  • Joystick Module: TB6612FNG 
  • Motor Driver: 
  • LED + Resistors: 

More useful electronic components can be found in the RC Tractor store:

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